ORION ADULT SPINAL SİSTEM Building upon the design rationale of the Orion Spinal System, the new Orion Spinal System represents the latest advancement in spinal implant technology.

We have retained the ease of use the superior closure mechanism of the bultress thread and the biomechanical strength, but greatly reduced the implant profile and added features to maximize its use in even the most complex spinal pathologies.

The new Orion Spinal System is a comprehensive system of implants and instruments fo stabilization of the spine in the thoracic, lumbar and sacral regions. In developing the new Orion Spinal System, the design features are:

* Overall reduced profile and implant volume: Profile of the Orion Polyaxial and Monoaxial screws is now among the lowest of competitive spinal systems
* Superior buttress thread closure mechanism: Designed for ease of use and to provide optimal surface contact with the rod for construct security
* Smart, ergonomically designed instruments: Designed to fit the surgeon’s hand comfortably and securely
* Comprehensive implant offering: A comprehensive offering of implants to address even the most complex spinal pathology
* Material Choice: The Orion Spinal System is available in both stainless steel and titanium Important - The Orion implants and instruments are designed and tested for use only with the Orion Spinal System. This Surgical Technique sets forth detailed, recommended procedures for using the Orion Spinal System implants and instruments. It offers guidance that you should heed but, as with any such technical guide, each surgeon must consider the particular needs of each patient and make appropriate adjustments when necessary and as required.

Please Note: This is intended as a guide only. There are multiple techniques for the insertion of pedicle screws and, as with any surgical procedure, a surgeon should be thoroughly trained before proceeding.